Half Moon Bracelet

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This mixed metal bracelet is made of a semicircle dangling on a fine gold filled chain. The semicircle is sanded in a satin finish. Upon close examination, you'll find one side is lightly brushed and another is rough textured. This subtle contrast symbolizes many faces of the moon. 

Share this special piece with your love one and form the two half moon into one. 


▶ Disc: 0.88" x 0.44" (22 mm x 11 mm). 


 925 Sterling silver. 

▶ All components in 14K gold filled. 


The Moon Festival (also known as Mid-Autumn Festival) is one of the most important holidays in the East. It falls on the day when the moon is the brightest and roundest of the year (the 15th day of the eighth lunar month). In Chinese culture, full moon symbolizes reunion. So it is a day family and friends come together. It is also celebrated by couple as a romantic occasion.